Welcoming Urban Link Krugersdorp!

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A big welcome to our newest franchisee, Gary Pitman to join the Urban Link team!

A short bio on Gary:

Gary has grown up in Durban but spent most of his career in Johannesburg. He started in the corporate world in the insurance industry in the early eighties. He moved to IT in the same industry in 89, and continued in IT in the nineties contracting at various companies with the highlight of contracting in the UK for 2 years before Y2K. He then went into IT project management in 2000 for 5 years. He created 2 successful small businesses after that and got back into IT consulting until now.

" I have always owned properties and been interested in entering the industry for some time now. Urban Link is the perfect way to do so - Thank you Urban Link!"

Keep an eye out on our Urban Link web page for the contact details of the Krugersdorp franchise.

Author: Urban Link

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